Arrowhead Potato Company

Food Safety

Food safety and food security are top priorities at Arrowhead Potato Company. These priorities are broken into three separate, but interconnected, areas that assure our customers with the safest and highest quality Idaho potatoes available.

1) Growing or the farming operations where the potatoes are grown.
Arrowhead Potato Company only selects potatoes from farms that are GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified.
2) Arrowhead Potato Company food safety standards.
Primus Labs is the third party food safety and security auditor for Arrowhead Potato Company. Primus Labs audits and test Arrowhwead Potato Company reports and procedures to help ensure your finished products are safe and secure.  Arrowhead Potato Company has scored a Superior on our audits for many years and conducts monthly in-house inspections to keep your food safe and quality standards high. 

3) Traceability
Arrowhead Potato Company conducts two mock recalls a year to test product traceability.  Once Arrowhead Potato Companys finished product is in the market place, we have the ability to trace it back to the day that it was packed and to the grower that it came from.       


Primus Labs - When Food Safety Counts


2019 Primus Food Safety Certificate

Primus Food Safety Certificate